Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages & SMS

By | October 14, 2016

Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages & SMS: Hello guys. We welcome you to our blog. Good Morning to all readers. How are you doing? We hope you’re doing good. First of all, Our Greetings Everyday Team Wishing you a Very Happy Sharad Purnima/ Kojaagari Purnima/ Rasa Purnima 2016 to You & Your Family Member. So are you looking for the Subh Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages & SMS? If yes then you come to the right place.

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On this year, Sharad Purnima is celebrated on the 15th October 2016. On this Occasion, you can send the Happy Sharad Purnima Wishes to Your Best Friends, Lovers, Relatives & Family Members. Recently We have published the post on, Happy Sharad Purnima Wishes Greeting Cards, Free Ecards, Images, Pictures & Photos in the English, Hindi & Marathi Language. So if you want it, then you can download it from here.

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Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages & SMS

Here We are providing the Happy Sharad Purnima 2016 Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages, SMS & Short Text in the Hindi, English, Gujarati, Urdu, Marathi & Malayalam language With Text as well as Image Format.

Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Messages & SMS

Bholi Mazi Bhakti Jogava,
Girja Matecha Darbar,
Play Thandagar Dongar Hirva Tethe Thandagar Dongar Hirva Tethe
Kojagiri Poornima 2016!

Sharad Purnima Wishes WhatsApp Status

May On This Purnima Night,
All The Blessings Of Moon Showers Upon You…
Happy Kojagiri Purnima 2016!

Sharad Purnima Wishes Facebook Status

Sharad Poornima when full moon comes to bless us,
it is also the time when Krishna had its Maha raas lila,
a time beautiful fragrance of love and celebration.

Sharad Purnima Wishes Messages

On the night of Full moon ie. Poornima,
Goddess Laxmi will come and will ask you Kojagiri and will give you blessings and property to you and your family!

सावन का मौसम था,
पूनम की रात थी,
में उसके पास था,
वह मेरे करीब थी

फिर वह मेरे पास आयी,
और थोड़ी सी घबराई ,
जब मैंने उसका हाथ पकड़ा ,
तो वह थोड़ी सी शरमाई

उसने कहा आज हम
ऐसे बंधन में बांध जाए ,
जिसे दुनिया की ,
कोई ताकत न तोड़ पाए ,

Krisna nae gopio ko bulae liyeo re
Prem pariksa hetu swang racha liyeo re
Dedeyo unko Maha raas ka bulava,
GopiyaN khoi sudh budh jo Prabhu ka bulava paye liyeo re !

Sharad Purnima – Raas- Lila Divas ki aapko Shubhkamnayen

Sharad Purnima Wishes SMS

May on this Poornima night
all the blessings of Moon Showers Upon you!
Happy Kojagiri Purnima 2016

Kojagiri Purnima Wishes WhatsApp Status

On this auspicious occasion of Sharad Purnima
I wish you are blessed with prosperity and success

Happy Sharad Purnima 2016 Wishes

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