5 Ways You Can Surprise Your College Friend On Birthday

By | April 13, 2023

Birthdays are special. Celebrating the first birth of your first friend in college is grandeur. It’s only natural that you would find yourself overwhelmed by the gift ideas that you could get for them. Let’s decrypt them.

5 Ways You Can Surprise Your College Friend On Birthday

1. Photos:

Collages are great to show that you care about the memories you had with your college friend. IF you are new to college and have just made a friend, this could be tough. But if it’s their second or even their last birthday during college with you, gifting them a photo collage could be the way to say thank you. 

Garner all the photo memories you have with them, or you can even try getting some of them on social media. Whatever you do, don’t make it seem forced. Design them yourself, customize them yourself, and obviously, gift them yourself. 

2. A Dine-Out:

A nice dinner during college days can be extraordinary. While you are in college, a shortage of money is considered a staple. When you invite them to a nice dinner, it’s nice for both of you. You get to spend more time with them, they get to have a nice dinner. 

Sharing dinner in a dorm could be an option for you if you also are tight on budget. What matters is how you present the gift to your friend, not what you present.

3. Surprise Them: 

Arrange the best surprise party for them. Make sure that you include each and everyone who cares for them in the party. Cook a nice dinner, or even order it, get a nice cake, buy the best wine and wait for them to come. 

For some, a surprise party may not be the way to go. If your friend is somewhat introverted and likes to keep it to himself, don’t try to humiliate them into attending the celebration. They will be happy just to participate.

Buy dissertation online for them, if you feel like they are being overwhelmed by their research paper and homework. 

You could also decorate their dorm door with surprise birthday wishes.

4. A Video Collage:

Just like photo collages, video collages work great too. Talk them into giving away their friends’ names from high school or even beyond. Contact them through social media and ask them for a short video wishing happy birthday with testimonials. Get your college friends to do the same and make them a video collage for their birthday.

The effort that goes into creating such a gift is surely going to make them happy. They would appreciate your hard work and you would make a friend for life. A win-win for both of you.

5. Gift them What They Need:

The most obvious gift you can have for them is what they need. If your budget permits, give them what they require the most. It could be a laptop, a book, or a mobile. Not everyone is as financially capable. If you could get them what they have been saving for, it’s going to make them very happy. Gift them a sound system if they like to listen to music, then you both could enjoy the music together.

Another option is to blow up their social media with birthday wishes. I know, not a particularly thoughtful gift. But could be the way to go if you two have just met.

The Bottom Line:

A gift is a way to show appreciation. Make it seem like so. Don’t give them something that reminds them of their vulnerabilities and shows off your capabilities. A thoughtful gift could go a long way. You could even not give them anything if you feel it’s the right thing to do. No obligations. 

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