happy doctor’s day 2017 best poems collection

By | June 27, 2017

happy doctor’s day 2017 best poems collection: Hello guys, Good Morning. We Welcome you to our blog. First of all, our greetings everyday team wishing you a very happy National Doctor’s Day 2017 to you and your family. Today In this article, We are going to publishing the best collection of happy doctor’s day poem. You can use this Doctor’s Day Poem Collection as a:

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happy doctor’s day 2017 best poems collection

doctor's day 2017 best poems


Respect the white coat that all doctors wear;
Respect the stethoscope with which they hear;
Respect the prescriptions they write and tear;
Respect all doctors for they truly care!

To treat diseases, some doctors do dare;
They try their best for all patients to fare;
Some of them are dozens, pioneers rare;
Some do miraculous feats, at which all stare!

Wish doctors all, ‘A Happy Doctors Day! ‘
Thank them for their hard work and pray today;
Remember, they keep diseases at bay;
Most doctors do their jobs in a humane way!
‘Happy Doctor’s Day 2017! ‘
From a Doctor Dean, Medical Teacher and Poet

if I Maurice, yvonne could cry
I’d spread my tears
eternal over your
( say it, dare to be bold)
naked body
(then she could taste your pain)

but I can’t shed tears anymore
(tell her why)
(you need her to know)
(no I can’t she’ll leave me)
(get out of my head)
my mind beats differently now

I have seen the doctor
I’m not well…kind of
(you’re blowing it)
(can’t you see her face)
(quiet I’m trying to think)
it’s not like a normal doctor

if I could feel
(you use to. you did)
I would touch you with
the hands of a silk maker
gentle and caring and with purpose.

The doctor.
My physiatrist.
I was diagnosed as bipolar
(there you got it out)
(was that so hard?)
leave me alone will you
no, i’m sorry not you

they gave me drugs
I don’t feel like I use to
not the mountain not the waterfall
(give it a break just speak plain)
(ok yes I will)
I can’t cry any more
I have no sex drive
it’s the pills

If i…
oh my God
If i…
I would and more
I’d run beyond to hold you
i would

the pills
they make me docile
you’ll laugh when you hear this
because you are always with me
(don’t get all mushy with her)
I miss you

(ok bud you did it)
(let’s just move on)
I have no answers, but
I know
what you’re feeling
you want us to be romantic

way back
(i can’t listen to this)
(i am out of here)
before being medicated
i was passionate
so very passionate

not anymore
I’ll tell you though
something’s got to give
my god
something’s got to give.

My dreams are getting stronger,
The blood remains to run code red
It’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed
Dark images keep taking place inside my head
The voices – The voices, are not all right!

I no longer lay laughing
The screaming never stops
In irons, my mind rattles
Theses thoughts are all I got
In slow motion, my mind plans the perfect plot

Finally, I realize the sanity of this is perfect
Counting every single second on the clock
At first, I could not breathe
I felt, I was left alone,
Broken down — Incomplete
In your eyes, the schizophrenia spoke loud
In my eyes, everything is dark and gray

Doctor, now listen carefully, open your eyes
While the walls slowly close in on you
I have my hands around your neck
Finally, I feel my arms; the needles are gone

Finally, I realize the sanity of this is perfect
The tightening of the chest is clearing
Today I possess a little more than yesterday
Knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Was it all for nothing, the bloody wrist?
The faucet constantly dripping every night
The voices I call my friends

Deep, deep down,
I’m still a child, painting bedroom walls
Setting fires after my mother’s death
A crazy peril in its most threatening state

Doc, here you are again,
No longer will I allow you to waste my time
With your fetish lies, trying to make me better
The problem is not me, it was always you!
Painting pink butterflies and white skies

Finally, I realize the sanity of this is perfect
Don’t you understand she’s dead!
Pills aren’t going to bring her back
Padded rooms aren’t going to help me,
Help myself — grieve the proper way!
Straitjackets aren’t going to restrain me,
— from wanting to hurt badly!
Psychologically, I’m perfectly sane
Expressing my emotions a different way.

Doctor, you’re not saying nothing
You’re not moving,
You’re just sitting there pretending to care.
Doc, I hope you aren’t mad?
The voices explained it had to end this way
How else could I make you listen?

Finally, the impulse is gone
Finally, I’m going to be alright

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